Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN) Volume 7 Chapter 2

A little later than usual, on top of being a longer chapter, you can blame the XCOM2 DLC for the delay.  The rest of the volume is pretty much shorter than this one chapter though so we’ll be through the volume fairly quickly I think.

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Volume 7 Chapter 2



Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN) Volume 7 Chapter 1

And on to a new volume we go.  Volume 7 is the second to last before we catch up to the Japanese releases.  This volume sees the return of illustrations interspersed in the chapters which also keeps up in volume 8 as well.  Chapter 2 happens to be the longest chapter in the series since the second volume, so it’ll probably take a little longer.

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Volume 7 Illustrations
Volume 7 Prologue
Volume 7 Chapter 1

Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN) Volume 6 Chapter 3

And here’s the end of Volume 6!  I’ve got a bit of a better handle on making EPUBs so the EPUB and PDF version are now available right away, and corrections will be rippling into them as any errors are found.

Volume 6 Chapter 3
Volume 6 Epilogue
Volume 6 EPUB
Volume 6 PDF

And here’s our sneak peak at Volume 7, with illustrations from Ao Nekonabe instead of himesuz.

Volume 7 Illustrations

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Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN) Volume 6 Chapter 2

So this chapter is completely focused on Reiji, but is still quite entertaining.  Chapter 3 is actually the end of this volume, unlike the other volumes, there is no chapter 4.  So after the next release, we’ll be jumping right into Volume 7 with the new illustrations.

Enjoy the chapter.  As always leave any errors/typos you find in the comments and I’ll happily correct them.

Volume 6 Chapter 2


Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN) Volume 6 Chapter 1

And we’re continuing here with the combo prologue/chapter release style, since it seems to be the more popular option from your comments.  Enjoy!  As always, leave errors/typos you spot in the comments and I’ll gladly correct them all.

Volume 6 Prologue
Volume 6 Chapter 1

This time I thought I’d blab on a bit about spells.  Suimei uses quite a few different languages for spells, to date I think there has been Latin, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek and English.  Now, the author is neither fluent nor proficient in any of these languages, so most of it is actually completely broken and unreadable if you understand them.  This is primarily prominent with English spells in an English translation, because the English spells are worst than something thrown into a machine translator.

In general, I’ve been leaving alone Suimei’s spells as the author had written them, with the spoken language and the translation they wrote in Japanese next to it.  Even though I do know some Latin and can spot a few of the mistakes, I felt it would be fine to leave it since it doesn’t really stand out.  But with the English spells, it really stands out.  So, for all English spells from here on, I’ve thrown away what the author wrote, and left only the translation of the Japanese in place while using some of the verbiage the author chose themselves, because it only gets worst with each spell.  This already happened in v5c4 where I threw out the complete gibberish English spell, but it’s going to be happening more frequently.  Anyways, from now on, if Suimei is casting a spell and there is no text in parenthesis next to it, you can just assume Suimei is speaking English.  From what I peaked ahead at, he never does a chant in Japanese and if he does I’ll note it out.

If you’re curious what the original chant in v5 was:

“Atman.  Eye of those with wisdom, in all cases it is within the fools, some with light dismiss all the ignorance.  Sophisticated soul Jnanachakusya.  It is drawn on my feet as Pinyin.  Open, Eye of Danguma.  And Dase illuminate the truth.”

(Atman, Pinyin and Dase seem to be machine translation errors, but there they are.)

Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN) Volume 5 Chapter 4

So we’re trying something different this time around and releasing the epilogue together with the last chapter instead of doing them on separate release days. I’ll be doing the same for the Volume 6 Prologue + Chapter 1. Let me know whether you prefer them as separate or simultaneous releases.

Volume 5 Chapter 4

Volume 5 Epilogue

As always leave any typos/errors you spot to the comments of the respective pages, it’s good to find them all before the first EPUB/PDF gets made.

And here’s the sneak peak for Volume 6 illustrations, of which there are almost none.  Volume 6 has no black and white illustrations in it and is probably the shortest volume in the series.  Volume 7 resumes with the regular volume length and the illustrator changes to a different one so the illustrations come back full force.  I assume this is because himesuz became busy with doing the manga or something.

Volume 6 Illustrations